antique-collectible-buttons BUTTON, BUTTON .....
When I first started collecting buttons, I found myself grabbing up as many flower shaped buttons as I could find. I had fun making a bouquet of flower buttons. Soon, my two sisters decided they wanted a bouquet as well. So.... Here is my sister, Judy's bouquet; she's the older of my two sisters . This is my favorite flower bouquet.

Judy's bouquet
This is my youngest sibling, Mary's bouquet.

Mary's bouquet
Here's mine. I like this one the LEAST! Once I made the above two bouquets, I realized how off balance mine is ! ! ! (By the way, I dabble in water color, used my meager talents to paint background for the vases and made some "stems", etc.)
I've already taken it apart, to re-do in a more balanced shape.
UPDATE: Several years later, STILL have not re-done mine !


Onie's bouquet