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Welcome to Button Button Onie, a web site for viewing and/or purchasing antique and vintage buttons. My buttons are all in very good condition, especially considering the fact that many are over 100 years old.
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To get you started, here is a card of large jeweled buttons.


~Buttons "Then and Now" ~

Until 1990 I thought buttons were just fasteners but after a visit to the public library by a good friend, together we discovered the "Big Book of Buttons" which showed us a whole new world.   Buttons are collectible.   Life hasn't been the same since.

In the Big Book of Buttons, we discovered that buttons as fasteners have been discovered in pre-historic digs;  crude, hand-made buttons have been found made of stone and bone as well as many other materials. We also found a paragraph referring to the National Button Society, which was formed in 1938, at which time rare and beautiful buttons were not expensive. The hobby of button collecting quickly garnered interest and now the NBS is known far and wide, with members from all over the world, many of whom are dealers as well as collectors who come to the National Button Society Annual Show each year. The NBS Annual Show is open to the public, and is held in August.

This year the show will be held in Portland, Oregon. Details can be found at the National Button Society WEB SITE  where you can learn how to join NBS as well as find links to state societies, and details for upcoming State button shows. Besides viewing the buttons entered in competition, you'll see tables of vintage and collectible buttons for sale, all materials and sizes will be available for purchase or just to look and enjoy.

~ Show and Tell ~ (and soon to sell)

Displaying Buttons for Pleasure or Competition

Moonglow buttons have been very popular in the collecting world. Many different colors, surface treatment and shapes as well as some pictorials can be found. I'm not sure how the term "moonglow" came to be, but there is a way to determine the difference between an "ordinary" glass button and a moonglow button. There is a discernable, though in many instances thin, layer of clear glass over the top of the button. By holding the button by the shank and shining a pen-lite against the edge of the top, you can see the thin layer of clear glass. This example shows black glass moonglows which have their own category as opposed to moonglows of all other colors. The base of these buttons is black, the tops may be almost any color and/or combination thereof.

It's difficult to explain here where I'm trying to give an idea of how we display and/or compete; once you attend a button show, you'll see GORGEOUS, buttons of all materials and topics, properly mounted for both competition and preservation.

Artists of varied media have found that button collectors admire their work and have pleased us enormously by sharing their talent in the form of gorgeous hand-crafted buttons. These studio buttons are 'show and tell" for now but I wil be putting some up for sale soon. Most of these artists do sell their art to anyone interested.

Collecting buttons became one of my passions in 1990, and perhaps you'd like to see some of the finds I've made; I call these buttons SHOW and TELL, but NOT to SELL. These buttons will give you an idea of how members of the National Button Society display our collectibles.

Clear Glass Buttons are quite plentiful, shown here on a fun card made by "one of us." I also had fun doing Button Bouquets with colorful old plastic buttons as well as newly made buttons found in fabric stores. The bright colors of bakelite buttons caught my fancy early on, as well as did celluloid of various types. Some are not as collectible as others, so for FUN with celluloid buttons, I did THIS several years ago.

For competition, besides bakelite and celluloid buttons, I sought buttons depicting heads of men, women and children; but I soon found it difficult to concentrate on one particular topic, so I started buying buttons depicting flowers. Then art deco glass caught my eye and then colorful old glass, and on and on. Collecting buttons is very addicting. My mom collected elephant "knick-knacks", so I bought a few elephant buttons for her. Soon I couldn't help myself, so I began collecting elephant buttons for myself.


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