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In the button world, a studio button is one which is made primarily, but not exclusively, for the collector. T They are not mass-produced, but made in limited quantity, expressing the creativity of the artist. The public is always invited the the NBS shows, where these and all types of collectible buttons can be purchased.
The buttons pictured here were done by studio artists, entered in competition at the National Button Show in Appleton, WI several years ago. The award read as follows:
"Section 21, Class 370, 25 any size Studio buttons by assorted makers. Label makers, Include at least 2 National favor buttons." Even though the award didn't specify all different materials and/or subject matter, when assembling this tray, besides assorted makers, I tried to use 25 different materials as well as balance among the pictorial sections. The tray placed 2nd among 9 entries.

NOTE: Recently the NBS has changed the name "studio" to "collector's buttons" .